How does it work?

Think of it as a coat check for bikes. You give us your bike, we give you a claim stub. After the event, you bring back the stub and we return your bike.

How safe is Bike Valet?

The bike check is fully staffed and secure. You can’t even go in to get your bike. We will bring it to you. However, it’s up to you to keep your ticket safe. The bike will be returned to whoever presents it.

Can I leave “stuff” with the bike?

Yes.  Just remember that we do not inventory your “stuff” individually, so we can’t be responsible for it. However, anything securely attached to your bike will be safe.

How much does it cost?

The Whistler Bike Valet at the Whistler Farmers' Market and Select Olympic Plaza Concerts is a free service, funded by the RMOW through Village Parking Fees.

Do I need a lock?

The site is secure and attended at all times. If you have your lock with you, you’re welcome to leave it with your bike, but please do not ask us to lock you bike to the racks.

What if I don’t get back in time to pick up my bike?

When you take your claim check, you’re agreeing to our service terms. If you’re not back to pick up your bike 30 MINUTES (OR OTHERWISE POSTED TIME) after the event has ended, you will have to contact us the day following the event to pick up for your bike. There will be a $25 fee for its retrieval.

What if I lose my ticket?

Don’t.  Seriously, just don’t. Please, keep that ticket safe!  In the event you lose it, it’s up to the on-site supervisor to handle the issue.

Can I park my trailer/cargo bike, stroller or razor scooter?

We’ll park anything human-powered.  Electric powered bikes are cool, but we have to draw the line at electric scooter. Strollers, “Bob” trailers and such can be parked with your bike, as space permits.

How long does it take?

There may be delays at events where everyone is trying to leave at the same time, like leaving a concert venue. If there is a delay, enjoy the down time and take in the view or chat with folks in line with you. Time may vary depending on event and use. Please leave plenty of time to pick up and drop off your bike.


  • Only Whistler Bike Valet team members are permitted in the bike parking area.

  • Locks are not part of The Whistler Bike Valet system. The station is enclosed and secure.

  • A valid Whistler Bike Valet claim stub must be presented to access a parked bike, or any of its accessories during and after the event.

  • Bikes must be picked up within 30 minutes of the event’s completion or otherwise posted latest pick up time.

  • After this time, remaining bikes are left at the owner’s risk and are subject to $25 late fee. Please contact us to arrange for pick-up.

  • We are fully insured while the Valet is in operation; however, accessories are left at the risk of owner.